How to Treat Gingivitis in Pregnancy in Mexico?

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cheap dentist cancun mexicoHow to treat gingivitis in pregnancy

We have already discussed in other articles that pregnancy carries a series of hormonal changes that affect the dental health of women, so it is vital to carry out a series of preventive behaviors in order to avoid any mouth problems. Here we will explain how to treat gingivitis in pregnancy because we are facing the most common situation that occurs during this period since the gum is one of the area’s most noticeable effects of hormonal changes.

Gums | How to treat gingivitis in pregnancy

Virtually the vast majority of pregnant women suffer from gingivitis, being thus a situation that is not really surprising or alarming, especially if we consider that we are talking about a mild periodontal disease that can solve simply. First, we must talk about the symptoms of this disease characterized by manifest through swelling, redness and bleeding of the gums, which will be especially visible during toothbrushing. In this situation it is advisable to go to the dentist to confirm that we have gingivitis and we offer a number of resources that we are effective in addressing this disease quickly, especially when you consider that this is a disease that has the particularity that it can advance and become a periodontitis.

dental reviews cancun mexicoUnlike what many people think, pregnant women can go without problem to the dentist, and is also a highly recommended option in case of illness or dental problem (if it is true that cosmetic procedures are not recommended during this period). Once the dentist confirm that suffer gingivitis is important to note the improvement of the habits related to oral hygiene as the main alternative we have to heal this situation it is that this disease develops due to the accumulation of plaque around the gum, so that if get remove plaque through oral hygiene obtain a significant improvement of gingivitis.

Regarding the routine daily dental hygiene must give special emphasis to the importance of a complete and optimal process, which is not only necessary to brush your teeth after every meal since we must also add the use of other elements such as floss or mouthwash as an essential feature when both the plate and remove food debris that become lodged in the mouth function.

In short, today is a pregnant woman may not have dental problems if you perform a series of simple and basic behaviors.

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Heal a Cavity by a Filling in Mexico

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dental surgery in cancun mexicoMany people who come to clinics Propdental to treat dental caries is that we have oral disease, with gingivitis, the most common and usual. In this sense it is vital rapid diagnosis as heal a cavity by a filling, simple and painless intervention is possible only when the disease is in its early stage and only affects the enamel.

And we must not forget that caries is a disease that is characterized by show no obvious symptoms during this first phase, hence the importance of going regularly to our dentist to check the condition of our teeth as well as the rest of oral tissues.

Dental fillings | Heal a cavity by a filling

As we discussed in the previous paragraph, fix a cavity through a filling is a widely used resource today is that we are talking about a very simple, fast and painless process that not only allows us to eradicate caries but you also get to recover both the aesthetics and functionality of the affected part.

To carry out this process is only necessary that caries affects the enamel and usually attacks the chewing surfaces of molars and premolars. What is this intervention? Once there the specialist confirmed that this is an initial caries, the decayed through a specific instrument and using local anesthesia so that the patient will not notice any discomfort during part is removed.

The next step of dental fillings will fill the remaining gap in the tooth dental implants cancun mexicothrough composite resin; Material widely used today in dentistry and noted for its strength, durability and respect the dental aesthetics have a color similar to the tooth. Finally, it’s time to harden the composite through a special light and, as a last step, check that the bite is correct after restoration.

In short, this is a process that takes about about 15 minutes which will be very useful to heal cavities, and is especially recommended if you consider that this is a disease that will be developed not only affects the enamel, since if not corrected it will access inside the tooth to reach the dental pulp, seriously endangering the tooth.

After speaking of the peculiarities of filling certain that we understand the reasons why we are facing one of the interventions that have a greater claim today.

… Before caries. Immediate action!

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Dental Extraction Due to Oral Disease in Mexico

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dental in cancun mexicoWhen we talk about withdrawals usually relate this process to remove wisdom teeth, however is not the only reason why it is recommended to extract a tooth and there are other factors that affect this situation, such as the need for space in the jaw during a process of Orthodontics. Through this article we will know one of the most common cases found in this sector: dental extraction due to oral disease. Are you going to miss it?

Importance of dental extraction due to oral disease

Diseases such as caries or periodontitis are common cause of tooth loss and the truth is that more and more people of any age, losing teeth prematurely. One of the peculiarities of this situation is that these infections are due to the piece of tooth enamel, ie the visible part of the tooth, but the root remains inside the gum.

Why should we proceed with the removal of the part? One of the most common beliefs and, in turn, is erroneous to think that if we lost all or most of the enamel is not necessary to remove the remaining part yet but what we would be facing a constant source of infection causing all sorts of diseases such as dental abscess pathology that not only stands out as cause of severe pain but can also affect other organs because it is spread through the bloodstream.

Clearly carry out the extraction is a highly recommended option and allow us to enjoy better oral health. However, it is preferable to be a specialist to help us choose the best option, especially if we consider that there are various techniques that are designed to treat dental diseases like cavities or pyorrhea today.

dental surgery cancun mexicoIf extraction is recommended to restore tooth loss by any of the methods associated with dental restoration it is to be borne in mind that losing a tooth not only affects the aesthetics and oral functionality of the patient but may also affect the rest adjacent parts or promote dental misalignment.

Within this sector related to the restoration dental implant it is noteworthy as the preferred solution because it offers excellent performance interventions.

Thanks to the dental implant will get a very natural, aesthetic and durable result, being thus the solution has a greater claim on today.

In short, although it is preferable to avoid the extraction must say that in some cases it is the most suitable and convenient option.

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What Causes Bad Position in The Teeth in Mexico?

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dental veneers cancun mexicoThe dental malposition is something you see very often in Propdental Clinics. Fortunately, this condition is correctable through the process of orthodontics, and also, are many techniques that are available to us today.

To better understand both the disease and its solution, we will discuss the main causes of teeth malposition, as some factors are preventable.

Causes of malposition of teeth

As sure many people expected, genetics is an important factor in influencing our teeth, which also includes the misalignment, as occurs with the quality of the structure of the tooth, the probability of having more or less prone to oral diseases…

After genetics, we must also talk about other causes that are directly related to the dental malposition, such as keeping the pacifier or prolong the use of the bottle past two years in the infant. Other bad habits and behaviors that might be involved in this are breathing through the mouth, as this disrupts the smooth development of the maxilla or the tendency to thumbsucking. Correct these habits will be vital in order to not cause any problems in the mouth.

dental care in cancun mexicoDental trauma also is another factor to consider, which is that these fractures often mean the loss of teeth. In these cases, many parents choose not to treat loss, because “it’s a boy, and the final will grow”, but the loss of teeth traumatically adversely affect the correct position of the permanent teeth.

Thus, we see that the causes of tooth malposition are diverse, where many of them can be avoided through some guidelines.

For our dental position is not correct, we should know that there are innovative techniques that respect our aesthetic, and technical Invisalign, lingual orthodontics, but aesthetic as well as traditional methods, such as sapphire brackets in the field of orthodontics . These are just some examples, but its advantages are innumerable, and are constantly developing.

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Let’s talk about Aesthetic Braces: Lingual Orthodontics in Mexico

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dental clinic cancun mexicoPeople suffering from diseases such as dental crowding or misalignment can choose from a large number of orthodontic techniques, through which achieved see how their teeth are aligned.

Improvements in aligning teeth are both aesthetic and functional, besides being a great measure of prevention of pathologies, as with healthy dentition be much simpler we can make proper oral hygiene routine.

To eliminate this problem, one of the techniques that have greater demand today is that of Lingual Orthodontics. Its main feature is that the bracket placement is placed on the inside of the teeth. Now we will elaborate on this technique for any patient who needs information to know what the main features of Lingual Orthodontics are.

Lingual orthodontic technique

As mentioned a moment ago, the most remarkable catacterística of this technique is that the brackets are placed on the inside of the teeth. Thanks to this we can say that this is a totally cosmetic solution to correct the position of our teeth. The period of adaptation to this is relatively simple and fast, so that by the time they have spent a couple of weeks, the patient will be completely adapted to this technique

Any patient who wants to undergo this type of braces to correct the position of your teeth can do, since it is not necessary to meet prerequisites, the only highlight is that the price is slightly higher compared with the conventional technique of orthodontics.

Lingual orthodontics proposes dental esthetics conservation throughout dental work in cancun mexicothe process, which makes many patients decant pro this technique. The drawbacks that we can find in the process of lingual orthodontics are that some patients take longer to adapt to this technique, due to the friction of the language in brackets.

The great competence of this method is the Invisalign technique, as their removable aligners are transparent, so that not only respect our dental aesthetics, but also offer a huge convenience and can quietly carry out daily activities such as eating or performing routine daily oral hygiene. In clinical Propdental We specialize in cosmetic dentistry, so if you need orthodontic treatment you can get close to any of our clinics, where our medical team will indicate the most appropriate solution to your expectations and needs.

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The Causes of Pulp Disease in Mexico

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root canal cancun mexicoAs in other connective tissues protected, the pulp is healthy, vital and closed it sterile. Therefore, the pulp is practically always disease secondary to other infections in our teeth, iatrogenic causes, or some less common cases, traumatic occlusion.

What causes pulp disease?

The origin of this problem is in contrast to other major oral infections and dental caries and periodontal disease, which are directly related to the formation of plaque in our mouths. Because of this, those organizations who happen to be the direct antecedent of the inflammation process associated with pulp disease are endogenous oral bacteria, which have access to the connective tissues of the pulp. This means that these bacteria are those normally present in the oral cavity.

This environment is favorable to them, and giving them the nutrition that allows these to be replicated. Usually, these bacteria cannot express the properties capable of initiating the invasion in a normal environment, that is why we are generally considered low virulence.

Increased virulence is usually expressed only when accessing the connective tissues such as dental pulp. These infections are also called opportunistic pathogens, and infections that cause opportunistic infections are called endogenous.

Factors affecting the types of bacteria that are isolated from the root canal infection include the route of infection, trauma, and association with periodontal disease.

Invasion of the pulp as a result of the extension of dental caries is one, especially younger patients the usual problem. In patients who have periodontal disease, accessory canals in the side surfaces of the teeth may become exposed to bacterial plaque agents.

cancun mexico for dental workThese microorganisms are capable of multiplying in accessories passages, causing inflammation and necrosis. Over time, these organisms will to spread to infect the pulp chamber. After the mechanical exposure of a root canal, it indicated that a large number of organisms are streptococci, which are the body with a higher prevalence in the mouth. Also, we keep in mind that there are over 400 species of bacteria in our mouth.

With the right combination of periodontal pathogens and cariogenic agents could develop the condition known as root caries, often quickly. Complications endodontic root caries include calcification level of caries, thereby blocking access to the duct occurs.

Initiating the process of endodontics could trigger an acute exacerbation of chronic apical periodontitis, with pain and swelling. The loss of pulp vitality allows invading bacteria entering the root canal and freely develops a periapical abscess.

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Whitening Toothpastes in Mexico

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cancun mexico dental pricesRestore the natural target of our teeth is one of the main objectives of many patients, especially if we consider the importance of cosmetic dentistry today.

In this regard, it is noteworthy that there are many possibilities available to us to get our teeth whitening, professional tooth whitening being the most recommendable alternative we have at our disposal more and more patients who undergo this process since the results are excellent.

However, we must also talk about other resources that will be of great help to achieve this goal, for example, the use of whitening toothpastes, this being a subject that we will deal below. Are you going to miss it?

Dental Aesthetics | Whitening toothpastes

As we advance in the previous paragraph, there are many alternatives available to get restore the natural target of our teeth and one of the following comes to us from the hand of toothpaste. Is it possible to whiten our teeth through dentifrice cream? While it is true that their use does not ensure the same results compared with professional whitening if we can get some interesting results thanks to components found in these specific pasta.

What are the components that are responsible for the bleaching? First we highlight peroxides (carbamide and hydrogen) as one of the basic elements to achieve esthetic results and its function is to reduce the luminous tone enamel. One of the drawbacks found in this component is due to its high level of abrasiveness, thus only concentrations less than 0.1% (hydrogen peroxide) and 0.3% (carbamide peroxide) are allowed.

Moreover, we must also mention the sodium bicarbonate as the other of cancun mexico root canalthese indispensable elements for whitening teeth by brushing because this is a component that has the ability to remove those stains that are located in the enamel, just as it is noteworthy that also serves to fight microbes. Finally, we end this list naming other components such as papain or polyvinylpyrrolidone.

It is clear that this is an alternative to consider when it comes to teeth whitening, but the best option, as mentioned, is to get in the hands of professionals and conduct a professional whitening treatment, especially if we consider that It is a simple, quick, painless process that offers excellent results in just one session.

What do you hope to improve the aesthetics of your smile? Now, it’s easier and simpler than ever.

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Protect the Gums and Teeth in Mexico

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cancun mexico dental careTo protect the gums and teeth, the most important thing is to consider two aspects: food and cleaning. In addition to schedule regular dental visits, individual work at home is paramount, even more than the control by a professional.

The oral hygiene allows us to prevent diseases and severe diseases, also common, which can affect not only our teeth, but other areas of our mouth. The gum disease, periodontitis, tooth decay, bad breath, and sores in the mouth … The most common damages – which can become serious pathologies – is that we can control with simple brushing.

However, the dental visit every six months should be taken as an obligation, as part of our routine. In fact, many studies have shown that many of these diseases can be avoided with regular appointments and thus effectively helps protect the gums and teeth. Thanks to the professionals in clinics Propdental, carrying out personalized monitoring of each patient, have been able to prevent many cases of tooth loss. On the other hand, they have also managed to rise in the two aspects we have mentioned above: food and cleaning. A balanced diet and good oral hygiene are guaranteed in case of more reliable protection. How do I know I’m eating well? What technique has to use to brush teeth properly?


Soft foods and those containing sugar are mixed with bacteria and microbes in the mouth produce acids and directly threaten the integrity of the teeth and gums. The best way to prevent tooth decay – the most common disease among the population, after cold – is reducing the amount and frequency of sugar intake. It’s not as bad as it seems, but if you eat in moderation. What are the healthiest foods? Those those are good for the body in general, so are to protect the gums and teeth. Join the following tips to maintain a balanced diet:

It is essential to eat different types of food at each meal.

Everyone should be sure to eat enough food to get the energy your body needs. This is really important, because experts say that food gives us half or more of our energy.

We must take precautions against the sugary foods. Honey, molasses and white sugar are particularly harmful to our teeth and gums. It is best taken in moderation and replaces them with fruits, nuts and oils that give us energy without generating negative consequences.


Every time those teeth are cleaned, the patient should be careful to do it the dental care cancun mexicoright way. Better a good clean well made, that several poorly made. However, it is advisable to brush your teeth at least twice daily. Moreover, in most cases it is necessary to use a brush that is soft, soft bristle, to prevent damage to the gums and other soft tissues of the mouth. The washing of the teeth need time and care, because if we do so quickly, we leave food scraps and microbes between the teeth. How should I use your toothbrush to protect gums and teeth?

Carefully brush the sides from outside, inside and above the teeth. In both arches you have to do the same procedure.

Once completed this step, rinse your mouth with water to ensure that all food debris and bacteria have all been left out of the mouth.

Finally, the patient should place the tips of the brush between his teeth, sweeping them out to remove pieces of food that can be stored there. You must perform this step with all teeth. Cleaning between the parts is very important and can also use a toothbrush, acquire specialized as dental floss or wax utensils. The interdental brush is also useful for removing leftover food that a final rinse has been unable to remove.

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Can Third Molars Trigger Problems in Mexico?

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clinica dental cancun mexicoIn a dental clinic it is very common to see people who go to the dentist for any pathology related to third molars, and this is not really surprising when you consider the long list of oral problems that can cause the wisdom teeth, for it is quite likely that any of us can suffer them.

It is for this reason why in this article we’ll explain what both pathologies as the characteristics and symptoms thereof caused by these teeth which, today, you could say that we do not need are both functional and aesthetically. Knowing this, surely you will not miss any extraction of wisdom teeth is a sought after option today.

What problems caused by third molars?

One of the problems that we can find, of course, is a nagging feeling pain while coming out, but what not everyone knows is what the source of these problems so intense and pungent character.

We should note that the process of eruption of third molars is very slow, and started much later than in the rest of the teeth. This causes the jaw bone is much stronger, so it ends up becoming a situation that brings great pain, causing inflammation in the area.

On the other hand, we must also talk about periodontal problems caused by going to cancun mexico for dental workthese wheels, and to explain this phenomenon we must consider that are poorly located inside the mouth, which makes it possible to have problems when a correct hygiene on these teeth, so we will not be strange that too much plaque and tartar buildup, thus producing a clear gingival deterioration.

Finally, another problem but no less important is the third molars cause dental malposition. The problem is that if they do not have enough room to erupt, eventually pushing the rest of teeth, thereby producing a dental crowding, and causing unfortunately a problem both aesthetically and functionally.

In short, we can see that clearly are a multitude of problems that are associated with wisdom teeth and it is recommended that we go to our dentist trusted him to check the status of these molars, and in case of suffering some kind of problem, start with the treatment.

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Care: Excessive Toothbrushing has Consequences in Mexico

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cancun mexico dental costsNo exaggeration to say that routine oral hygiene is the most important technique in avoiding all kinds of pathologies in our mouth, such as gingivitis prevention, tooth decay or periodontitis. Similarly, through brushing, we got a nice smile and free of dirt, halitosis, food particles or plaque, making really healthy. If, however, we must also know what consequences we make are excessive toothbrushing.

The consequences of excessive toothbrushing

Proper oral hygiene is one that is done after every meal, and includes dental floss in order to eliminate food debris and plaque that stays in places reach with a toothbrush becomes mission impossible, as the teeth or plate that is below the gum. Another good idea is that we use fluoridated toothpaste and make use of one of mouthwashes that can be found among an extensive range on the market, and that this will greatly help in preventing tooth decay and, incidentally, have fresh breath.

Today we can find many people who are obsessed with showing a perfect smile, and some of these people believe that the more times a day teeth more shiny and healthy will be the brush.

Since Propdental Clinics have to disprove this, it is that this practice is as dental work cancun mexicocommon as unreliable. This situation of excess brushing causes a long list of problems at the oral level, led by fluorosis.

This disease is manifested by a whitish spots that are completely different hue unsightly. What is the reason for this? The agency receives a greater amount of fluoride which can tolerate, and that is why these spots appear that affect the dental aesthetics.

Naturally there is other faster as enamel wear, especially if we use stiff fences consequences. To prevent excessive wear our nail polish if we have already weak, we use a soft bristle brush.

In this way, we want to make clear that although the oral hygiene is a key to maintaining good oral health factor, we must keep in mind that anything in excess is good, and in this case, has consequences that just seek to avoid.

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