Root caries: What is it and how to avoid it in Mexico?

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cancun mexico dental workTooth decay is the oral pathology that occurs regularly in more patients around the world, so it is not surprising if we say that this is one of the diseases that are treated in clinics Propdental. Caries consists of several categories, including root caries. This lesion is characterized by destruction of the cementum, and thus destroys it as the underlying dentin.

Explaining root caries

As we have advanced above, this type of decay is very common, especially in adulthood, where we need to emphasize. There is a clear trend showing that this disease tends to affect more in patients who are elderly.

Another feature of this type of decay is that it is considered one of the main causes of the loss of teeth, so it is highly recommended that we solve this disease on time, and is that in the situation of loss of the part Dental would have to resort to the technique of dental implants, a costly and complex treatment when compared with treatment of cavities.

Other features of root caries are those patients suffering from periodontal disease are more likely exposed to it, and this is due to the presence of teeth with exposed roots. Similarly it happens with people who have the habit of smoking, and that t is shown that this group has a higher number of bacteria in plaque.

To prevent root caries, as with any other type of decay, we need to know dental tourism cancun mexicowhat tools we have at our disposal. Thanks to a number of resources that will be of great use in preventing root caries, we can even shake off this disease. In this sense, we must make special mention, again, to get optimal oral hygiene, being one of the tips that we have to take greater account.

Nor can we forget the periodic review our trusted dentist, especially those who have a certain propensity to develop dental pathologies.

Thus, we understand that our behavior is a vital factor to maintain our healthy mouth, and if we follow healthy habits to maintain our proper oral hygiene, surely save us many problems.

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The Sweet: the main enemy of teeth in Mexico

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dental cancun mexicoSweet is the most harmful to the health of smaller food, but also for adults. It has a nice flavor and is most desirable, but its composition develops the bacteria that cause tooth decay. Therefore, eating sweets often is a terrible threat to our teeth. However, if we are careful, we can enjoy these foods with less risk of this involvement, one of the most common after the common cold.

Parents should arrange meals for their children and to control the intake of sweets.

Clinics dentists warn Propdental three basic threats:

The teeth are damaged when the sweet remains long in the mouth.

The worst foods are those that get stuck in your teeth and suck.

The cause less damage is those that dissolve more rapidly or almost not contain sugar. Sweets, chocolate or sugarless gum exemplifies healthy sweet.

Significantly, there is no sweet than anything harmful to teeth; all affect them in one way or another. However, the tips will facilitate our dentists can help reduce the risk of tooth decay in both children and adults.

Tips for younger

You must eat sweets only once a day, not hourly. If this instruction is still cancun mexico dental tourismsmall, we avoid the time when the teeth are covered sugar is excessively long. Some parents allow their children to eat sweets all at once and ask them to brush their teeth and use dental floss as soon as possible.

It is best to collate the sweet with meals, since saliva is secreted when eating and the same breath can help clean the sugar stays in the teeth.

Cheese is a good ally after eating sweets, since it helps to counteract the effects of sugar against teeth and is a great help in the fight against tooth decay.

Celery, fresh carrots, apples or vegetables and fruit crisp help clean your teeth after eating a sticky treat. However, it is best to always carry a toothbrush.

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Fluoridated Water in Mexico

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dental charges mexicoTooth decay, as we all know, dental disease is preventable with a higher prevalence in the world population. This affects both children and adults all over the world, including the children of our country, they end up at some point suffer different levels of dental caries, besides suponerles discomfort and pain, could compromise their health oral facing the future.

This has led to a large-scale solution is sought and no wonder, since the World Health Organization (WHO) has branded as “Global Epidemic.” Luckily, there are agents such as fluorine; is conviertene our great allies to combat it.

Fluoridated water as an ally against caries

Various studies fluoridated water, i.e. tap water to which has been added a small amount of fluoride helps us to reduce the incidence of dental caries. This is merely a preventive measure is carried out primarily to help those who do not receive regular dental care.

As in all areas, we can say that this is not a preventive measure liked by everyone. Moreover, we can say that there is a very intense discussion about the indication or not the use of fluoridated tap water. While on the one hand indicates that its benefits are well known in the dental health of the population, another part says that the risks of fluoride are much higher than its benefits.

The arguments against fluoridated water, and one of the main reasons why many people and parts of the scientific community is opposed to fluoridated water is simply the fact that adding fluoride to tap water is equivalent to medicate a massively to the population.

Opponents also claim that this measure with fluoridated water people cannot control what the amount of fluoride we are eating, so that we would be exposing a hypothetical overexposure. Not only that, but running water fluoridation does not leave us no choice if we want to take it or not, unless we decide not to drink tap water.

Similarly, the party is against also claims that fluoridated water might be the cause of many incurable diseases, such as dental fluorosis. This disease is a hypomaturation hypoplasia or dental enamel, which is caused by excessive ingestion of fluorine during enamel development. Teeth affected by dental fluorosis end up changing their hue, thus suffering an uneven coloration that can range from white spots more brown tones. There are some cases where fluorosis also causes weakening enamel finish, increasing levels of dental erosion and even the chances of tooth decay, which, paradoxically, is the main consequence try to avoid with fluoridated water.

But not for this we have to stay with what they tell us of fluoride, as it plays a vital role when it comes to enjoying a good oral health.

Fluorine has the main positive effect increasing the resistance of dental enamel. Thus, when applying our teeth on this component occurs calcium fluoride is formed. In this way, we will have added protection on the wear and erosion of enamel, so protect our teeth against the dreaded decay.

But the benefits are not here, but also we must also explain another of its dental procedures mexicoadvantages is its antibacterial action, being this component of the solutions more effectively in removing the bacteria located in the mouth.

In case you still continue being doubts about the use of fluoride or fluoridated water, you can always consult you trust your dentist. He will explain what benefits you can give your mouth. Anyway, we can never forget is that to have healthy teeth, the most important thing is to follow proper oral hygiene, following a good technique of brushing and flossing, in order to remove food debris that may remain between our teeth and the gums closer to our area. To complete this routine hygiene, we can also add the use of a mouthwash.

Last but not least, we should place special emphasis on the importance of a regular semiannual visit to our dentist. He will tell us what is the state of our oral health and if we suffer some kind of pathology.

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What is Baby Bottle Tooth Decay and How is it in Mexico?

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american style dental office mexicoIf we have children who are still babies and soon we will have, there are certain things that are important to know. Among these things is called baby bottle tooth decay. What is it and how does it affect children? Keep reading.

When baby bottle tooth decay occurs?

As its name suggests, baby bottle tooth decay is a term describing a charge of dental caries, which is differentiated by very fast and destructive. This affects the primary teeth or baby teeth of children who have a young age.

This occurs mainly in children who are fed by both a bottle as he prolonged breast milk, but can also occur from the use of pacifiers to soak in sugary substances.

In the event that the child is taking the bottle steadily or you leave at night because it is the only way for this to fall asleep, sugar stays on the teeth, impregnated and that’s when bacteria residing regularly in our oral cavity that they are responsible for converting sugar into acid.

It is that, gradually, gradually dissolves the enamel acid. The big problem is that in the case of the teeth, this is a lower density eggshell being where the decay starts.

Teething mainly affected are the four incisors milk the upper arch and the first milk teeth, both upper and lower arches, the canines of the lower jaw are involved less frequently. Usually not affected the lower incisors milk, and is sucking habit with children makes the lower lip protects these teeth.

The so-called baby bottle tooth decay is mainly characterized by lesions create a rapid progression in the smooth surfaces of the teeth. These lesions may even become completely encircle the tooth, leaving it can decapitate gum level.

The initial lesion is usually not more than a speck of white color or enamel dotted shortly teeth appear, suddenly the color changes to light yellowish and extends sideways and down.

In more advanced stages of baby bottle tooth decay, as mentioned above, by the confluence injuries a broken tooth crown is produced and engaging the tooth root. This can lead to injury of inflammatory character.

Not only this, but the baby bottle tooth decay may also have other consequences. Enumerémoslas:

Tooth infections: Difficulty treatment because of how big they can become injuries, due to the young age of the patient is sometimes necessary that the total treatment is carried out under the effect of sedation.

Aesthetic problems

Difficulty chewing

Difficulty correct pronunciation

Ability to alter the eruption of the successor teeth

Ability to lead to space problems that eventually require orthodontic treatment

Some studies show that there is the passage of bacteria mutans streptococci (associated with dental caries) from mother to child in the first months of life of the child. That is why it is recommended that infectious foci mother trying possible decay are eliminated, and professional cleanings, rinses with chlorhexidine and specific oral hygiene instructions are carried out.

Treatment of baby bottle tooth decay

The injuries that have been caused by baby bottle tooth decay require treatment by the dentist.

First, and in cases of small lesions, they can be restored with composite fillings, thus promoting dental aesthetics.

In the event that dental injuries are older, resorting to the use of crowns or teeth covers will require a multitude of cases.

There will be some cases where, due to the extent of injuries, will have to perform a treatment pulpotomy. This is a nerve treatment of teeth.

In severe cases, it may need to come to the extraction of teeth. This event usually happens once the beheading occurred tooth.

After you have removed the tooth, to the movement of adjacent teeth mexico dental implant costscan occur with problems of space for the permanent teeth that this would entail, will be necessary for space maintainers, in addition to employ them are employed In order not to lose space for successors teeth, they can also be used to solve the aesthetic problem that could lead to a removal of these teeth, especially in times of such a young age, because the maintainer is also possible to place the pieces They are missing tooth in the mouth.

It is very important to avoid such problems, let us go with our son to the dentist. Much is ideal to take time, but what is really right once you leave the teeth. In this way, not only we will be taking care of the oral health of our small, but also will save us so hard at the same common problem that parents are usually found when trying to take their older children to the dentist for the first time: child dental fear.

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Removing and Inserting Dental Implant in Mexico

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best dentist mexicoWhen we have a tooth in disrepair it is possible that the only solution available to us is to extract the piece, this being a difficult situation as it affects both the aesthetics and functionality of the patient’s mouth. Today there is the possibility of recovering the piece through a series of techniques related to the dental restoration, a worthwhile considering the advantages which include these alternative treatments.

Then let’s talk about the dental implant removal and insertion of one of the most effective and recommended solutions, so it is not surprising that more and more patients who combine these treatments.

Restoration | Removing and inserting dental implant

As discussed above, it is very common for patients to seek a method of dental restoration to replace the loss of missing parts and in this sense we must talk of the implant as one of the best solutions as it offers us some excellent results aesthetic and functional level.

Before inserting an implant is necessary to proceed with extraction is that although do not count on enamel must know that there root inside the gum that have to be extracted, this being a relatively simple process and will not cause any discomfort to the patient. Once this operation is completed we can start treating implants, especially considering that today there is a technique that allows us to make this whole process in just 24 hours. Ie extract the piece, inserting the implant and eventually place a provisional prosthesis made an interesting function for as long as the implant is integrated into the bone.

dental practice mexicoThe truth is that implantology is one of the sectors with greater demand today and the truth is that this demand not surprising when you consider that this is a method that allows us to recover our smile, still the method Highlights dental restoration.

Among the major developments that are in this sector not only you have to talk about Implantology immediate load, ie the possibility to enjoy our implant in just one day and it is also necessary to mention the option of submitting to this intervention assisted by the technique of sedation; revolutionary method that will allow us to submit to this procedure without any hassle or fear, therefore it is particularly suitable for those who have dental phobia or those patients requiring insertion of several implants in a single session.

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How is your Bite in Mexico?

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dental vacations mexicoIn dentistry we differentiate different types of bite: overbite, closed bite, cross bite, open bite and protrusion. In general, each can be corrected through orthodontic treatment. Today, many adults who have decided to undergo a procedure of this kind, but new advances in cosmetic dentistry have allowed them to dispense with the traditional metal braces and opt for hidden options.

Or zirconium porcelain brackets, lingual orthodontics, Invisalign … We know these solutions; what most patients is unknown what kind of bite affects you. Clinics dentists Propdental help you detect, if any, what problem of occlusion affects your teeth.

Types of bite

Overbite: One of the bites that most affects facial aesthetics and harmony of the facial features. It is almost complete overlap of upper anterior teeth on the lower front teeth. The margins of the latter can reach out to touch the gum of the palate of the upper arch.

Closed bite: bite the guy is caused by excessive wear of the teeth, a condition that can be very serious. When the dental structure is seriously affected in the back of the mouth, for example, may cause a partial disintegration of the lower facial tissue, alter facial appearance: aparentaríamos older and toothless would look like. The closed bite may also develop in younger patients who have pronounced parafunctional habits.

Cross bite: crossbite is the most common of all. A normal bite is characterized by upper teeth slightly overlap the lower parts, because the crossbite is the opposite: the lower teeth are superimposed over the top. The problem can be caused both anterior and posterior.

Open bite: Some patients attending clinics Propdental with what we oral health care mexicocall open bite. In this case, the upper and lower teeth fail to join together due to contact between the posterior teeth. The open bite may be caused by hereditary factors or certain habits, for example, put pressure tongue or suck his thumb (thumb sucking).

Protrusion: also known as “rabbit teeth”, protrusion of the anterior teeth can compromise a smile as beautiful. More severe protrusions can even cause facial deformities and inability to close the mouth completely.

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New Smile with Dental Implants in Mexico

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dental travel mexicoLosing your teeth can have a more significant in several facets of your health impact. Physically, you run an increased risk for bone loss and, in some cases, dental caries and periodontal disease. Mentally, you will see how some functions that were previously automatic is much like talking, eating or smile complicated. Also your aesthetic be damaged and the teeth provide the structure of the smile that will be diminished and damaged due to tooth loss.

New smile with dental implants

Despite the daunting sounding all these problems, there is a solution that can fix: dental implants. Dental implants mimic the shape and function of your natural teeth while avoiding many potential health problems.

Almost 70% of the adult population suffers from some dental floss yen at least one permanent tooth due to accident, tooth decay or periodontal disease. Over the past two decades, experts have found dental implants in the ideal to address this global problem.

Dental implants can replace one or more teeth. To do require insert one or more titanium posts in the jaw, which later give the necessary support to the crowns, bridges or full dentures that mimic perfectly the visible part of the teeth.

Over time, titanium fuses with the jaw and short and rasamente say, the implant becomes part of the same body. This effect not only ensures that the implant will last a lifetime, but preserves the functions of natural teeth and protects the health of the bone and surrounding tissues.

With a success rate of 98%, dental implants are an ideal choice for the vast majority of healthy adult’s solution. Although the initial price is higher than that of bridges and dentures, the end cost is lower because it is the only one of all these renovations will not require replacement while the other should be changed two or three times lifetime. Talking to a patient who has led implants for several years is the best way to understand the extent to which these are adapted to the mouth and the patient’s life.

Because sensation and completely natural function of implants, dental holidays mexicopatients can return to normal life without any limitations in the choice of meals or activities without having to relearn how to speak, smile or chew. And last but not least, help maintain an image of natural smile and facial structure.

Are you a good candidate for dental implants?

Healthy people whose gums, teeth and tissues have reached maturity and have suffered tooth loss for any reason they are good candidates for dental implants. However, to confirm his candidacy should go to the dentist to check their medical history and discuss with them the best option to replace your teeth.

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Help your Children maintain Healthy Smile in Mexico

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cheap dentures mexicoDid you know that the number of children affected by dental caries and periodontal disease has skyrocketed in the last decade? Although numbers have declined among adults, more and more children are being diagnosed with symptoms of dental or periodontal infection before age 11. These alarming statistics need to take action as soon as possible. Good oral health habits start at home when the children are young.

How to help your children maintain healthy smile?

Your children can become familiar with the techniques of dental care to maintain healthy smile even before their first tooth erupts. Toothbrushing, use of thread and regular visits to the dentist are the three habits you should establish the smallest to maintain a healthy smile for life.

Teach good oral care early

The oral care includes not only the teeth; it also has to do with the gums and jaw. So, you can start to teach good habits to your child before the first tooth erupts him. Wipe her gums with a damp cloth is the best way to keep the mouth clean.

Use the correct amount of fluorinedental holiday mexico

Fluoride has proven a vital role in protecting the enamel and prevents tooth decay since it was discovered in 1930. However, taking too much fluoride before age 6 can involve tooth discoloration. Discuss with the dentist of Propdental the right amount of fluoride that you give your child.

Consider the option of dental sealants

Dental sealants can significantly reduce the risk of dental caries. Ask your dentist Propdental this treatment is mainly directed at children.

Brushing and flossing daily, along with visiting the dentist twice is the best way to teach your child good dental habits that will allow you to maintain a healthy smile for life.

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Fruit juices: A cause of Dental Caries in Mexico

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dental lab mexicoProfessional dental industry have always warned about the excessive and disproportionate consumption of soft drinks such as Coca-Cola, Fanta, Schweppes or other beverages. Due to its high levels of acidity, can be a major cause of tooth decay, affecting all ages. But did you know that fruit juices can also cause this disease?

Alternatives to fruit juices

Were German researchers who published a study linking fruit juices with dental caries. According to it, lemon juice and apple are the worst allies to the teeth, whether primary or permanent. Frequent consumption of these liquids (in warm and cold temperatures) or drinks with artificial sweeteners causes’ severe “acid attack” on the teeth, especially the large amount of sugar they contain. As is known, the bacteria consume the sugar inside the mouth and a film of acid wearing tooth enamel is created. This creates more and more possibilities of getting a dental caries.

But besides the consequences can create containing sugar, fruit juices often leave residues in the mouth, especially in the gum line (that is, at the point where teeth and gums meet). How can we replace fruit juices? Do young children should not take them? Since Clinics Propdental we propose a number of alternatives to these drinks, which can be useful to prevent excess thereof.

Eating fruits and vegetables in their natural form, as whole pieces. Thus, all the benefits of these foods are received without the need to damage the tooth structure. The skin of the fruit contains a variety of phytonutrients, including carotenoids and flavonoids, which prevent tooth decay and protect our health.

Water is still the best and the healthiest drink, since contains no sugar, no calories and is essential for the proper functioning of the human body.

Despite the consequences that can bring the excessive teeth cleaning mexicoconsumption of fruit juice also they can be taken moderately and at certain times. Our professional dentists recommend:

Drinking fruit juice during meals and thoroughly cleaned face the last 20 minutes of consumption.

Drinking juice pretty fast (I never keep in the mouth for a long time) and use a straw to limit contact with the teeth.

Rinse mouth with water once finished juice.

Wait one hour before brushing your teeth with toothpaste containing fluoride.

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What is Dental Fluorosis in Mexico?

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dentist directory mexicoDental fluorosis is a cosmetic condition that affects not only the teeth but also to the overall appeal of the face. In most cases, it appears as white spots or lines in the enamel, which can be barely perceptible (if it is mild fluorosis) or very visible (if, otherwise, we are talking about advanced fluorosis).

Sometimes you can be so subtle that only the dentist realizes its existence. Although not directly affect the status and function of the teeth, fluorosis can generate complex aesthetic patient. Since Clinics Propdental we explain where this condition arises and what we can do to eradicate it.

Where the dental fluorosis arises?

The main and only cause of dental fluorosis is an excessive intake of fluoride over a long period of time and just when teeth are developing. Are children up to 8 years who are at increased risk, as it is when the permanent teeth are completing their growth stage? The severity of this condition depends on the amount of fluoride to which the patient has been exposed, the time period and the timing of intake of fluoride.

Note that the inappropriate use of dental products seems to be the most common cause of fluorosis. An example of this is the toothpaste, drinking water, beverages and processed foods with fluoridated water, dietary supplements, including fluoride prescription dental products and other professionals (mouthwashes, gels, etc.).

How to treat dental fluorosis?

In most cases, this condition is so mild and little appreciable not need going to mexico for dental worktreatment. However, cases of moderate and severe fluorosis can be improved significantly through a variety of techniques, mainly intended to mask stains. What are these techniques?

Teeth whitening, which can be done in the office of Propdental Clinics (LED teeth whitening light) in the patient’s home or combine both methods.

Dental crowns: restorations that are used to improve the appearance of teeth, among other features.

Porcelain veneers: This is one of the most innovative rehabilitation in the field of cosmetic dentistry techniques. Veneers offer the possibility of recovering the natural smile and remove stains from dental fluorosis.

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