The Toothpaste that suits you

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From the first moment we decide to spend on our oral health, one of the most important expenses we make is the toothpaste we use. Today, there are several types of toothpastes, specially formulated to meet different needs and help prevent future diseases.

For Daily Care

The use of extracts of the Aloe Vera plant is a new  development in the formulation of toothpastes for  daily care. This natural element introduces plaque (dental biofilm) of teeth and gums, helps the thorough cleaning of the teeth and protects delicate gums. It is also known for its anti-inflammatory  properties, and has great moisturizing elements which are great for healing small wounds and tissue  regeneration. Mixed with fluoride, the toothpaste is great for daily care as fluoride acts on the tooth as anti-caries and reduces the production of acids which could damage the enamel. These toothpastes are usually flavored with mint or apple-mint.

For an extra daily care

However, there are people who, as a result of their  eating habits, require special toothpaste to protect the enamel. Such toothpaste includes an antiseptic called “cetylpyridinium chloride” (CPC) that fights plaque and prevents the appearance of viruses and fungi. Such as: VITIS Xtra Forte. Aging is a natural process that occurs over time. Some of the signs of aging in the oral cavity are changes in the shape of teeth (wear) and color losses due to progressive sclerosis enamel and dentin. In the gums there is an increase in prevalence, extent and severity of periodontal disease. Toothpastes phosphorylated vitamin C as Vitis Antiage offer protection against cellular aging caused by free radicals. It is also expedient to use a special formula for electric brushes (Vitis electric), with a more fluid and thixotropic texture so that no lumps are generated and dispersed among the best electric toothbrush filaments.

Specific Care

Gums sometimes accumulate plaque and these, along with other extrinsic and intrinsic factors can cause oral going to mexico for dental work2diseases. If this is left unattended to, it could lead to periodontal disease resulting in the possible loss of teeth. It is therefore important to use toothpaste with specific active ingredients for people who require a careful oral care. Pregnant women, diabetics, smokers or people with celiac disease, etc., should use this type of toothpaste in their day to day oral care e.g. vitis gums. Another special situation that requires a different treatment is orthodontics. During this phase there is an increased risk of accumulating plaque or other complications such as gingivitis or bad breath. These toothpastes, apart from containing Aloe Vera, Fluorine and CPC, incorporate a new element called allantoin, designed to heal wounds and treat mouth ulcers.


Good childhood oral hygiene will enable adults enjoy a healthy mouth in the future. The effects of lack of good maintenance during childhood can last a lifetime. Every age has its needs and caring of teeth also requires specific treatments depending on whether teeth have appeared. Therefore, infant toothpaste carries fewer items than those of adults, but should still contain fluoride and Xylitol. Apart from the importance of the composition, it is imperative that they like the smell and taste (such as Vitis Junior strawberry flavored) so that the little one is encouraged to learn the habit of brushing.

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Ways in Moisturizing a Dry Mouth in Mexico

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Hydration of the oral cavity is essential in the treatment of xerostomia. A long-lasting moisturizing gel is a product designed to combat the specific symptoms of dry mouth for those patients who need more moisture.

In the diagnosis of xerostomia or dry mouth syndrome we can distinguish very clearly between symptoms and signs. First, symptoms, ie, those who note and feels the patient; and secondly, signs, which are the dentist or hygienist can detect or see in clinic. Symptoms are burning mouth, difficulty speaking, swallowing and eating, thick, stringy saliva, eating disorders, difficulty in using prosthetics, halitosis or dysgeusia (altered sense of taste for the patient can fel metallic taste in certain foods).

Apart from that can detect the patient in cases of xerostomia also exist a number of clinical manifestations such as mucosal disorders, stress cracking in the back of the tongue and which is observed rojiza- dried and the loss characteristic shine gum and even, in some cases, onset of gingivitis. Moreover, are also common both as dry desquamation lip palate with erythematous spots. In some cases, is related to xerostomia pharyngitis, laringits, dyspepsia or constipation.

The loss of the protective function of saliva can cause certain disorders of the oral cavity. Decay rapidly evolving in the neck of the tooth appearing and increases the tendency to suffer from oral infections; appear frequently candidiasis and erosions or irritations. Furthermore, because of the loss of ions and proteins in the absence of saliva, some anticariogenicity caused by pH change, which happens to be the most suitable for maintaining oral ecosystem is lost.

clinica dental mexicoDiagnosis and treatment

Although the diagnosis will always depend on the threshold of dry mouth each person is essential to know the medical history of the patient to detect the most frequent causes (such as systemic diseases, use of drugs or radiotherapy) and compare their feelings with the symptoms described. The next step would perform a scan of mouth and mucous membranes, and feel the salivary glands in search of swellings and check its consistency and characteristics. If you suspect Sjögren’s syndrome, a biopsy of the minor salivary glands and a blood test is required.

The treatment of xerostomia should be tailored to the cause that caused it. Thus, in the case of reversible changes a settlement of the primary disorder such as stress, anxiety, dehydration situations and in case of ingestion of xerostomising drugs, if possible, reducing the dosage. In contrast, reversible changes such as atrophy age, Sjögren syndrome or tumors, apply a differential treatment according to the level of impairment and the degree of involvement of glandular structures.

For patients requiring increased wetting, wetting long-lasting gel applied topically helps them achieve maximum wetting of the oral cavity. The gel extends gums, cheeks and teeth without rinsing. Its application is recommended before bedtime for greater moisture overnight. In addition, your application may be repeated throughout the day, as often as necessary.

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Dietary Guidelines for a Good Oral Health in Mexico

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dental work mexico

We must always maintain a balanced diet to maintain our health in good condition and in the case of oral health, no exceptions. However, we look at situations that require a specific diet, such as the carriers of orthodontics, with delicate gums, or in cases of maxillofacial surgery.

People with orthodontic

The gums have a crucial role, as they help to fix the teeth to the bone. One of the main problems that may occur is caused by oral bacteria and plaque buildup infections. The sum of factors can end up causing inflammation of the gums, with greater risk of injury and bleeding.

For orthodontic carriers: A number of prohibited foods such as those that require an effort in chewing.

– Food that can erode hard weak gums: crust of bread, nuts, etc. The bread we replace softer as mold and nuts shred and add to dishes options.

– The Drinks and acidic foods can be painful if the gums are injured. In the most difficult times, avoid vinegar or juice and acidic fruits.

– Like Acids, very hot foods can also damage the lining of the mouth. In situations weakened must be taken into account.

– In Some cases it may become necessary a liquid diet, facilitating the intake with a cane.

After surgery

Before an intervention maxillary, the most common is that the patient feels pain and discomfort that make it difficult to feed the same way as before the operation. However, this is a temporary situation until the scar is going closing.

Start with a liquid diet. To take foods we can help with a straw and thus avoid further contact of food with wounds and scars.

Food and drinks will be:dental work mexico

– Water (No gas) and infusions.

– Fruit Juice.

– Milk, Drinking yoghurt and fermented milk drinks; soy beverage.

– Caldos, Fish meat or vegetables.

– Prepared Liquids containing the necessary nutrients.

In addition, we must consider general recommendations such as:

– Repartir Day intake of at least five meals

– The Food should not be too hot

If discomfort such as dry mouth occurs, gels can be used to improve it.

– The Hygiene is always important and more in this situation, we must avoid any kind of infection so that the scar heal as quickly as possible, so after every meal good oral hygiene is necessary, we will get with brushing teeth, if no contraindications for it, and doing rinses.

Little by little we introduce the usual food from a varied and balanced diet so that feeding normalizes.

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Food and Oral Health during Pregnancy in Mexico

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During pregnancy, the care of our mouth should be one of our priorities. Improper diet and a weakened defense system can trigger various conditions such as canker sores, swelling and bleeding gums, discomfort such as burning mouth and dryness, demineralization of teeth and supporting structures, cavities and even fungal infections.

The mucus of the mouth is very sensitive to any change in diet. Deficiency of vitamin A and beta carotene precursors of vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin B group or minerals like zinc and iron is mainly manifested in the mouth with pregnancy, so we must increase food consumption:


-mexico dental costsrich in Vitamin A: whole or skim milk, egg yolks, liver and other fortified foods.

-rich in carotenoids: fruits and vegetables yellow, red and orange

-rich in Vitamin C: citrus fruits, kiwi, strawberries, tomatoes, etc

-rich in B vitamins: dairy, meats, organ meats, eggs, leafy vegetables and flour derivatives made with yeast.

– Iron: meat, liver, egg yolk; legumes and oilseeds nuts (to improve the absorption of iron-rich plant foods we suggest increasing consumption of foods rich in vitamin C).

– Zinc: meat, fish and eggs.

The calcium requirement increases greatly during pregnancy and during lactation. A good contribution will ensure that the mother does not suffer demineralization of their teeth or bone structure that subject.

Also, keep in mind that the mineralization of teeth of the fetus begins in the fourth month and lasts until puberty, so good maternal calcium and other micronutrients as phosphorus and vitamin D help fix calcium.

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Recent study about Oral Biofilms in Mexico

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Thedental tourism mexico vast majority of bacteria that inhabit the oral cavity do as biofilm. A biofilm is defined as a bacterial population embedded in a polysaccharide matrix that is attached to a contact surface.

The study of the oral microbiota has provided a number of evidence have shown that supragingival and subgingival tooth areas are colonized by microorganisms which are set in the form of a biofilm. However, for simplification we refer to a supragingival and subgingival biofilm one. In supragingival biofilm bacteria responsible for gingivitis and periodontitis are located.

Main properties:

In some cases, about 700 or phylotypes species have been detected in the oral cavity of about 400 different individuals and may colonize the subgingival biofilm. However, many of these microorganisms are also located in the supragingival biofilm.

These organisms are called primary colonizers and are capable of binding to a layer of salivary proteins (albumin, glycoproteins, proline-rich proteins, mucin, amylases, estaterinas, histatins, transaminases, lysozyme, etc.) that covers the tooth enamel and which is known as the acquired pellicle. After the primary colonizers come into play secondary colonizers. In this regard, it has been postulated that the Fusobacterium nucleatum acts as the primary bridge between primary and tertiary colonizers. The latter are considered in some cases inducing agents of periodontal disease.

dental tourism mexico

The ability to form biofilm in different types of surfaces appears to be unlimited for bacteria. Hence may be located in different human tissues, causing chronic infections such as endocarditis, otitis media, chronic prostatitis, cystic fibrosis, periodontitis, etc. often Similarly, can be set in cardiac valves, venous catheters, urinary catheters, contact lenses, intrauterine devices and dental water units.

For Dr. Vanessa Blanc, the R & D of Dentaid  “The lack of oral hygiene is one of the main causes of most periodontal diseases, which in many cases can end up causing the loss of the tooth. Throughout this process, the formation of a layer of oral microorganisms on the surface of the teeth occurs, what is known as plaque. Although several research groups attempt to shed light on the development of these oral biofilms, little is known about the levels of communication between these organisms and their mechanisms of resistance to antiseptics compounds currently on the market.

The added value of our project is to have a stable and reproducible model that involves bacterial biofilm forming bacteria biofilm and major periodontopathogens. This system allows us to work more precise parameters when evaluating the activity of antiseptic or antibacterial activity of plaque formed with our model of artificial mouth compounds.

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Replacing Fillings in Mexico

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oral health care mexico

The fillings do not last forever. On the one hand, they can discolor over time and become more yellow or dark because of the stains. Moreover, fillings are under tremendous pressure fruit chewing. Although not suffer any inconvenience, some fillings wear out over time and require replacement after a few years. If it breaks, cracks or fall, to be replaced soon.

Do you Need to Replace Fillings?

Bacteria and food particles can seep down into the tooth when a filling is broken or cracked. Because it is very difficult to clean the grooves, bacteria develop thanks to the bits of food that remain hidden, allowing the development of dental caries. You may think decay that appears under a filling does not cause any pain until the damage is extensive. For this reason, you should receive a periodic check of your fillings.

Fillings that Fall Off

Dental fillings may fall or peel for several reasons:

1. The material used for filling cannot withstand the forces applied to it, especially when extensive fillings, and break. This problem can be avoided by using another type of restoration when the damage is very large (see crowns or inlays).
2. If she gets a little saliva between the restoration and the tooth at the time of placing the filling, not allowing the material to bond to the tooth and the filling finished falling.

Cracked Fillings

Both composite fillings such as silver amalgam, can crack either shortly after installation or after a long time to wear them.

Cracks may occur because of the filling is at a higher elevation than the rest of the tooth, so that has to bear all the pressure of the bite. They can also happen eventually, once the filling has been worn with the forces of the bite.

Similarly, small cracks may occur at the edges of the filling. Such failures usually occur over time and can usually be arranged.

Fillings Worndental procedures mexico

Some fillings can last 15 years or more. Others, however, must be replaced every 5 years. In any case the dentist who will decide the method of action based on the observation that you make regular visits.

Fillings and Bruxism

If you press or grind your teeth, you may have more problems with fillings. If you suffer from bruxism, the forces applied on your teeth can cause tooth sensitivity and accelerate wear to your fillings. These pressures can also cause breakage or small cracks in fillings.

Keep Fillings

Although some fillings can last many years, the average life of amalgams is 12 years, while life expectancy composite fillings do not exceed the decade.

Your dentist examines each of your fillings during routine visits to the dental clinic. Others may even take an x-ray to observe the possible poor condition of some filling and see what is happening beneath him. Make an appointment with your dentist if:

Have tooth sensitivity.
You see a crack in one of your fillings.
I think there is some part of the filling is broken.

You should visit your dentist regularly for professional cleanings submit to besides brushing your teeth twice a day and floss daily. If you have many fillings or any of extensive, you can use an extra dose of fluoride in your hygiene to strengthen your teeth. Fluoride will help you protect your tooth enamel and prevent further decay.

Rinse your mouth with mouthwash will also help to reduce the level of acid in the mouth and prevent new cavities in the future. If your fillings crack, consider using a night splint to protect them.

Replace Your Old Fillings

Before removing your old filling, the dentist Propdental discuss with you the possible treatment options. Sometimes it is possible to restore the filling without removing it completely. However, if it must be removed for some reason, maybe worth changing the material used in the next filling. This is the case of silver amalgam, which in our dental clinics substitute for composite fillings or inlays, onlays or porcelain overlays.

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Procedure of Dental Fillings in Mexico

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dental work in mexico

The appointment at the dentist for a dental filling usually begins with the application of local anesthesia in the area to eliminate sensitivity. Then, the dentist removes damaged by ultrasonic and manual tools in some cases even laser lights are used to make fabric.

The Steps to Receive a Dental Filling

One of the tools used consists of an electric handle with tiny metal cones at the tip that spin and used to cut enamel and remove the part that has been damaged. These cutters have different sizes and shapes, so the dentist chooses the best in every situation.

At first, the dentist uses this tool fast that emits a peculiar sound to remove decay and damaged enamel. Once reached the dentin, a tool typically used less speed, since this fabric is softer than the enamel.

dental office mexicoOnce you have removed all the damaged tissue, the dentist prepares the space to attach it to filling. Depending on the filling used, will require either space. Then the dentist applies a protective layer made of composite, glass ionomer, zinc oxide and eugenol, or other material that protects the dental pulp where nerves are. Some of these materials have fluoride, which helps protect the tissues of possible future damage.

In case a composite filling is used, prepare the tissue receive him with a special acid gel that makes small holes in the enamel surface. This roughness allow the composite filling for a perfect attachment to the tooth, thanks to the adhesive material to be used. Thus, fillings with greater fixation and lower risk of new infections are obtained.

Some materials are hardened with a special light. This light is applied several times in the dry material to harden and strengthen it. Does not transmit heat or discomfort.

After completing the filling, the dentist polishes the outside of the tooth and gives you the ideal to imitate the original crown and create a surface that meets perfectly the masticatory functions and distribute the pressure it receives from the opposing teeth form.

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Invisalign – Invisible Orthodontics in Mexico

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Iinvisalign2nvisalign is the market leader and pioneer in the treatment of invisible braces, an orthodontic procedure that uses a set of easily removable and virtually invisible braces to achieve the required tooth movement. These aligners can be used for about 22 hours a day and changed every 15 days for a new order to achieve the gradual movement of the teeth.

Each patient uses a custom made splints way considering the pressure to be exerted on their teeth to get align perfectly and get a correct bite.

Advantages of Invisalign: Invisible Orthodontics

mexico dental tourism

The invisible orthodontic treatment has many advantages over traditional orthodontic brackets or treatment. These are the main benefits of using Invisalign braces:

Preserve the aesthetics: using virtually invisible and transparent splints, virtually no one will notice that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. Quite the contrary of what happens with the use of brackets and metal arches.

Comfort during treatment devices are removable, so you can take them out to eat, drink and brush your teeth. Thus, you can maintain a normal life and not have that still enjoying your favorite foods or having difficulty maintaining your oral hygiene. Also, being manufactured in a personalized manner and with a flexible material, not cause sores or abrasions on the gums or cheeks. Maintain hygiene: to be removable, allowing you could brush your teeth and floss completely normally.

However, there are some drawbacks in this treatment:

Usually takes longer: although the treatment is much more comfortable and bearable than the orthodontic brackets, Invisalign braces do not exert as much force on the teeth, which usually take in a little more to get the results.

Are not indicated in all patients: our orthodontists analyze each case to determine whether you can fix by invisible orthodontics. Although the evolution of Invisalign allow use in more and more cases, there are some orthodontic problems is still not able to solve and which indicate other aesthetic techniques, some also aesthetic, such as ceramic brackets or lingual orthodontics.

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