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Dental Implant & All-on-4 Cost in Mexico

Dr. Karen, dentist in Los Algodones at SOTA Dental, discussing dental implant & all-on-4 cost in Mexico with a female patient.If you are here, you are probably American or Canadian and are looking for the dental implant & all-on-4 cost in Mexico.

The United States of America & Canada are thought to be 2 of the greatest countries in the world in terms of the quality of life it provides to their citizens. In the US & Canada, we have everything that anyone could ever want. Shopping malls, nice cars, houses, restaurants, civil rights, freedoms of speech, and a world-class modern health care system that is second to none. If a woman is struggling to have a child, if an injured person wants to have a limb replaced, or if someone is suffering from a rare type of cancer, the US medical system can probably solve any number of these complex medical problems. 

A close-up view of a SOTA Dental all-on-4 patient. The patient originally had no teeth and now has a big white smile. X-rays are also below showing the difference.

However, living in the United States and enjoying the high quality of life it provides comes with costs. Healthcare costs in the United States are much higher than most other developed countries in the world. The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that national health expenditures were 17.7% of America’s GDP in 2018.  Due to the fact that America is home to some of the world’s leading scientists, multi-million dollar research corporations, and medical tech firms that are constantly doing R&D to bring new medical technology to the market, healthcare in the United States is actually more expensive than most other developed countries in the world. 

Why not just get the best dental implant or all-on-4 on the market?

Dr. Sforzina, dentist at SOTA Dental in Cancun, Mexico, is holding a dental model while listening to a young female patient speak. They are both looking intently at the model.

If the price was not an issue and we all had the net worths of the people we see on the covers of Forbes Magazines, then most of us would probably opt to live in 3 story mansions, drive exotic sports cars, and maybe even own a yacht, a private plane, and maybe even our own private island…right?! However, as nice as that fantasy sounds, the reality is that most of us live normal lives, jobs, families, mortgages, car payments, kids in school, and have to make careful choices about our expenditures.

This brings the question of what do we do when we have a medical condition and cannot afford to pay for treatments in the United States or Canada? Dental implant cases can sometimes be just as expensive as serious medical care in the USA. These are almost one-in-the-same financially. Just ask David, one of our patients from Idaho. He came to us because the dental implant & all-on-4 cost in Mexico was much better than Idaho.

An animated cartoon of a woman eating a sandwitch.

In life, things happen that cause us to have an unhealthy dentition (teeth). Car accidents, falling, work accidents, or simply not growing up with an awareness of proper hygiene, can cause serious health problems later in life. When teeth go missing, some people think that they can leave that space empty without serious health repercussions.

This could not be further from the truth

Since the average human bite can create up to 70 + pounds of force, having a space where a tooth should be can risk displacing healthy teeth. This can even lead to bone loss in that area as well. If this problem is not solved early on, it can cause detrimental problems in the future.

The most viable solution to a missing tooth is to get a dental implant. 

What is the Dental Implant Process in Mexico?

A full arch of teeth with one missing tooth.
A full arch of teeth with one missing tooth. A dental implant is about to enter the gums.
A full arch of teeth with one missing tooth. A dental implant has just entered the gums.

The dentist will attach to your jaw a metal root (implant) and place on top a fake tooth (crown). We call this procedure, a dental implant. Since this procedure is non-life threatening and non-essential to one’s immediate health, it considered a cosmetic procedure. In other words, medical or dental insurance policies don’t cover this procedure.

A full arch of teeth with one missing tooth. The missing area has a dental implant. A crown is just below the dental implant but not attached.
A full arch of teeth with one missing tooth. The missing area has a dental implant. A crown is attached to the dental implant. The crown is transparent to show the abutment attachment.
A full arch of of healthy teeth. The dental implant is no longer visable.

This procedure has an average cost of $3,000 -$7,000 per tooth in the United States. If a patient needs general anesthesia, bone grafting, or medications, there are additional costs. According to Forbes, full arch dental implant procedures in the United States can range from $30,000 – $90,000. This is crazy, and very different from the dental implant & all-on-4 cost in Mexico.

For the majority of us normal working Americans, the cost of dental implants can seem very intimidating. The mere thought of having to pay for something that can possibly cost up to $90,000 would cause most of us to lose sleep at night. However, as intimidating as it may sound, the fact is that when we have a problem that is affecting the quality of our lives and causing us pain, it can develop into very serious problems later on in life. At that point, we have no choice except to find a way to solve it. The longer a patient waits, the more serious the problem becomes.

Getting your Dental Care in Mexico, the South of the Border Solution

Dr. Diego, dentist in Los Algodones at SOTA Dental, is performing dental work with the help of his female assistant.

The cost of all-on-4 dental implants can be quite expensive in the United States and Canada. The most practical way to solve this problem is to look for dental care in other countries. Dental care in Mexico happens to be high quality, affordable, and a very well-established industry in the country that specializes in doing complex procedures for visiting guests from other countries. Many patients often tell us that we are more advanced than the clinics in their home countries. If you opt to get dental treatments at one of our clinics in Mexico, you will be under the care of very dedicated and qualified doctors who have access to the best tools that exist in our industry. It is very important to understand that similar to being in the USA, Canada, or any other place in the world, the quality of goods and services will vary depending on the price. 

Dr. Maritza, dentist at SOTA Dental Cancun, is performing work in a large white dental room.

One advantage to traveling to Mexico for dental care is that the US dollar exchange rate to the Mexican Peso is around 20.43 MEX$ to every $1 USD, so that means when traveling to get dental treatments in Mexico using $USD as a primary currency, then it will give one a significant amount of buying power that affords access to higher quality care. You can receive materials and procedures for more affordable prices that would normally cost 10, 20, or even 50 times more than in the United States. Dental implant & all-on-4 cost in Mexico differs significantly.

Comparing Dental Implants & All-on-4 in Mexico to the USA

Despite Mexico being a developing country, it actually has high a standard of living, especially in the major cities. Mexico has access to the latest modern medical and dental technology and a very reputable national medical education system that produces qualified and professional doctors. Unlike the United States which has many medical schools throughout, Mexico requires all doctors to attend a limited set of universities. This even goes to the extent that there are two major dental schools in Mexico that are accredited by the California Dental Association. The standards used within USA dental schools are similar to the ones used in Mexico. Mexico is a great option for patients traveling from the USA and Canada because:

  • Dr. Adrian, dentist in Cancun, Mexico at SOTA Dental, performs dental work on an older male patient. The room is very white and modern.Mexico has access to the latest dental technology.
  • The American Dental Association accredits high-quality dental educations programs in Mexico.
  • Aspiring doctors undergo their dental education and certification programs in English, therefore there will be no problem with a language barrier.
  • Doctors in Mexico are required to continue their education after graduation.
  • Compared to the USA, getting an all-on-4, all-on-6, or even a simple crown will save you money. This means that the dental implant & all-on-4 cost in Mexico are more affordable.

We understand that traveling abroad for a dental procedure can be intimidating. At SOTA Dental, we aim to make the process as easy and seamless as possible.

We believe "Every patient is different, every case is unique”

Dr. Alejandra and Dr. Gruber, dentists in Playa del Carmen, Mexico at SOTA Dental, perform dental work on a patient. Dr. Alejandra is pointing to the patients mouth while Dr. Gruber is working.There is never a one-size-fits-all pricing model for dental services, but we always let you know the worst-case scenario, and then work our way backward. We never want a patient to be surprised with extra dental costs, and include all the prices within our price list

We take pride in being able to create, plan, and implement custom treatment plans specific to each patient’s needs. 

Similar to dental care in the United States & Canada
, we have the capability to shape dental prosthetics from other higher quality materials such as zirconia, PMMA, or nano-ceramics in our dental labs in Mexico. One key thing to understand is that just like anywhere else in the world, higher quality materials come at a higher cost. Higher quality materials last longer, are more heavy-duty, are less likely to break, and function better compared to lower-cost materials. 

If there is an immediate need to fill a space for an emergency procedure, a patient can use a low-cost material to fix the issue. Later the patient can opt to use a higher-cost material to upgrade their work.

To give you a basic idea of prices in Mexico, please feel free to take a look at the chart below. Remember you can always get our exact price at each location on our price list. All prices listed below are in US dollars.

Single Implant + Crown

This procedure is ideal to fill the space of a missing tooth to prevent further damage to the dentition. The lab technician fabricates the crown from e-max (porcelain) or zirconia. The cost will vary depending on material quality & the brand of implant chosen.

$1300 – $1800

All-on-4 with Acrylic Prosthesis

This procedure is ideal for filling the space of all missing teeth on the lower or upper arch of the jaw. A dentist will place 4 implants in calculated positions to support the weight of the patient’s bite. After this, the doctor is going to set the custom milled prosthesis on top of the implants. Cost can vary depending on the complexity of the overall procedure but is the least expensive option. Upgrading this in the future is possible.

$8000 – $10,000

All-on-6 with Acrylic Prosthesis

This procedure is ideal for filling the space of all missing teeth on the lower or upper arch of the jaw. A dentist is going to place 6 implants in the jawbone in calculated positions to support the weight of the bite. They will then set the custom-milled prosthesis on top of the abutments in the final phase. Upgrading this in the future is possible.

$11,000 – $15,000

All-on-6 with Zirconia Prosthesis

This procedure is ideal for filling the space of all missing teeth on the lower or upper arch of the jaw. By placing 6 implants in calculated positions, the mouth will support the weight of the bite. 6 are necessary to support the heavyweight of zirconia, and we do not offer all-on-4’s with zirconia. The dentist will place a zirconia custom milled prosthesis over the implants once the area around the implants has healed. Zirconia is a heavy ceramic material that is great for esthetics, is very strong, and weighs more than other materials. It can handle more bite pressure and typically lasts longer than other materials.

$13,000 – $15,000

All-on-4 with Nano-ceramic Prosthesis

The dentist will place 4 implants in calculated positions to support the weight of the bite. After this, the doctor will set a prosthesis custom milled from nano-ceramic on top of the implants. Nano-ceramic is strong, esthetically pleasing to the eye, easy to shape, and lightweight. It is a great option for a full arch dental prosthesis that has a look and feel similar to natural teeth. Most dentists can fix this prosthesis by using common materials that are available worldwide.

$12,000 – $16,000

All-on-6 with Nano-ceramic Prosthesis

A dentist will place 6 custom implants in calculated positions to support the weight of the bite. After this, the doctor will set up a custom milled prosthesis made of nano-ceramic. The benefits of nano-ceramics for a full arch all-on-6 procedure is that they are lightweight, easy to shape, strong, and can look very similar to natural teeth. 6 implants help hold the already lightweight nano-ceramic, creating one of the best options on the market. Most dentists can fix this prosthesis by using common materials that are available worldwide.

$13,000 – $17,000

Why do dental implant & All-on-4 cost in Mexico change from clinic to clinic?

A rotating all-on-4 denture. Dental prosthesis for All-on-4 mexico.The price of the procedure will vary depending on the number of implants and the material quality. No matter where you are in the world, higher-quality services will come at a higher cost. This is due to the time, effort, and expertise used in the process. A low-cost solution is a viable option if you are on a budget. Upgrading to a better material will increase the longevity of your prosthesis.

Whatever you do, don’t wait, because the problem only gets worse over time. It’s better to start with acrylic and upgrade later than it is to wait and save up for the highest-priced thing on the market. Like a car, some drive nicer, well some teeth feel nicer than others as well.

If you’d like an idea of the cost for your services and our most up-to-date price list, click here.

Why are dental implants & All-on-4 costs different throughout Mexico?

A mosaic image of SOTA Dental dentists performing surgery.Did you know that prices are actually quite different throughout Mexico? For instance, Cancun is a popular tourist destination for Americans & Canadians. Everything in Cancun is just a little bit more expensive than other places in Mexico. Places like Tijuana with huge populations to service offer incredibly low prices compared to some other places in Mexico. Towns like Los Algodones, with such a high density of dentists within such a small area, offer many different treatments within an arms reach of each other. We have teams in each location, depending on whatever the patient prefers. If you’re looking to expand your knowledge about dental implants and all-on-4 procedures, check out resources like Dental Learning. Staying informed can help you make the best decisions regarding your dental health.

Dental in Cancun

Cancun, Mexico drone view. The dental implant & all-on-4 cost in Mexico, specifically Cancun, is greatCancun is a larger city that is on the Yucatan Peninsula on the Caribbean Sea. It is known for its picturesque sunsets, white sandy beaches, nightlife, restaurants, and vibrant atmosphere. It is a major tourist destination full of five-star resorts, world-class restaurants, and a wide variety of activities. The general cost of goods and living in Cancun is higher than in most places in Mexico. 

The best option for traveling to Cancun is to take a flight from a major city that has direct flights to Cancun. Upon arriving at the Cancun International Airport, our team will be there to pick you up and take you to your free accommodations (for all-on-x patients).

Dental in Los Algodones

A market in Los Algodones, Mexico. The dental implant & all-on-4 cost in Mexico, specifically Los Algodones,, is greatLos Algodones is a border town in Mexico that is nicknamed “molar city” because its main economy is healthcare for foreign tourists. Facilities in the town have ample access to medicines, equipment, and health care technology. This characteristic makes overall prices for health care and cost of living lower than other parts of Mexico. Over the past few years, Los Algodones has become a popular shopping destination for foreign tourists. This is due to its low cost of goods and convenient location. 

If you are coming from the US, one of the best ways to get there is to drive on US interstate 8. After this, take state road 186 to the international border. Most visitors opt to park in the parking lot directly beside the border and cross by foot. If you prefer to drive across and use your car in Mexico, that is also an option as well.

For those that are coming from farther away, you may prefer to fly instead. You’ll need to book a flight to Yuma, Arizona, then organize a bus, shuttle, or other ground transportation to take you to the border to cross over into Los Algodones. Our team can always meet you at the border. Keep in mind this is by far the easiest border in Mexico to cross and navigate. You can find more information about that here. Don’t worry about scouring the internet to find a place to stay, we’ve got your accommodations covered when you choose to get your all-on-x treatments with us.

Dental in Playa del Carmen

A market street in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. The dental implant & all-on-4 cost in Mexico, specifically Playa del Carmen, is greatPlaya del Carmen is a small beach town in between Cancun and Tulum that is along the eastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. It is a 45-minute drive from Cancun’s international airport. It’s a location for those who like to relax and enjoy the chill vibes of a beach town. Just because it is a small town, it does not mean Playa del Carmen lacks flavor. The Mayan Rivera is a stretch of land that runs from Cancun to Tulum. It’s sunny, full of cafes, restaurants, and hotels. It’s a great place to travel if you want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of a city. Since Playa del Carmen is located near Cancun, the cost of goods and living are slightly higher.

The best way to get to Playa del Carmen is to fly to Cancun. After this, you can arrange a bus, taxi, or private shuttle. You can find more information on which accommodation we offer as part of SOTA Dental here.

Dental in Tijuana

A market street in Tijuana, Mexico. The dental implant & all-on-4 cost in Mexico, specifically Tijuana, is great.Tijuana is the second-largest city in Mexico and is located in Baja, California. It is one of the busiest border entry points between Mexico and the United States. It is an industrial city that has an economy based on manufacturing, transportation, culture, and art. Tijuana is also a migration hub because of its proximity to the United States. The location and size of the city mean that it has ample access to medical supplies and new technologies.

The easiest way to get to Tijuana is to drive to the border and then walk across. If you are familiar with Tijuana, then you can also drive. The process seems simple and straightforward, but in reality, can be very complicated. You may find this guide very helpful in preparing for your trip across. You will probably want to rest after crossing the border. See the accommodations we offer for our all-on-x patients here. 

Whether you need an all-on-4, an all-on-6, or just a simple dental implant, SOTA Dental has a team that can help you.

Is the dental implant & all-on-4 cost in Mexico affordable for you? Don’t ask us, ask Irina who had her all on 4 done with our team!

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