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Hotel zone in CancunThe idea of going abroad to get dental work done in Mexico may seem intimidating to most Americans or Canadians. We live in developed countries and have some of the best doctors in the world. This is why their services come at some of the world’s highest prices. Therefore, going to Mexico to get dental done is the most affordable option. Dental in Cancun offers a great option for high-quality dental work.  There are beautiful beaches, friendly people, and wonderful weather year-round. If you are planning a trip to Mexico to get your dental work done, you may want to consider going to Cancun.

Beach in Cancun hotel zone

Cancun is the #1 Dental Tourism Destination for Americans & Canadians

Cancun is an ideal location for dental tourism if you live on the east coast. There are many airports that offer direct flights. Second, dental in Cancun can cost anywhere from 30-60% less than it does in the United States. Thus, the prices make it a good destination to explore if you are looking to take a vacation. While Cancun is slightly more expensive than some other Mexican destinations, the perks of a beach vacation often make it worth the small difference.

Cancun nightlife in the hotel zone near the Hard Rock Cafe.Cancun is the largest city in Mexico’s state of Quintana Roo. It is in an area on the Yucatan Peninsula facing the Caribbean Sea. Picturesque sunsets, white sandy beaches, and vibrant nightlife attract people from all over the world. It is famous for its turquoise green and blue waters, wild nightclubs, seafood restaurants, and vibrant atmosphere. However, it is a popular tourist destination meaning the general costs are higher than in other places in Mexico. 

The best option for traveling to Cancun is to take a flight from a major city in the US. Cancun is the #1 international destination for Americans, therefore, there are flights from most major airports. Pick one of any of the cities listed below that offer direct flights to Cancun’s International Airport.

Direct Flights from USA to Cancun

Arriving for Dental in Cancun

When you arrive, you will most likely be in a different climate zone than you may be used to. Cancun is near the equator so you can expect the weather to be very hot and humid. This is why it is a good idea to plan your wardrobes accordingly. You can expect to be bombarded with people trying to give you rides, sell you things, or offer you accommodation packages upon exiting the airport. This feeling can be overwhelming and it will seem a bit crazy if you are a new traveler. We will help you avoid this stress by meeting you at the airport and prearranging transport to your hotel.

If you are coming for a big case like an All-on-4, representatives from our team will be in touch with you before you depart. A representative is going to meet you at the arrival area to help you get to your hotel. Also, we have a designated vehicle and driver that will take you to your accommodations. We also have another designated vehicle and driver who will pick you up from your hotel and take you to and from the clinic for your dental appointments. There is no need for you to worry about having to arrange transportation on your own. We understand the stress you are already facing. We will take care of everything if you opt to get dental in Cancun with us.

Hotel Zone or Downtown: Which is best for you?

The Hotel Zone is known in Spanish as the “Zona Hotelera” because it is specifically a tourist zone. It is a narrow 14 mile (approx. 22 kilometers) stretch of land that is right on the beach. This area is great for those who want to enjoy sunny weather and relax. Also, it is a great place to stay if you want to try out some water sports. If you stay in the hotel zone, you can try any of the activities the area has to offer.

In addition, the Hotel Zone is home to a wide variety of resorts, hotels, and private villas. These establishments are literally right on one of the best beaches in the whole of Mexico.

Downtown Cancun, aka “El Centro”, is known as “the city” because it is where a majority of the local residents live. Staying in the city will be more of an authentic experience than staying in the hotel zone. This is because it is an area where the city’s local residents work, live, and go to school. Also, if you stay in the city, you’ll notice that the price of food and hotels is much less than they are in the hotel zone. In other words, opting to stay in the city is great if you are on a budget. Best of all, our main dental clinics are located in the heart of the city. Staying  in the city will be more convenient because you won’t have to travel far to get to your dental appointments 

Accommodation Options in Cancun

The Krystal Urban Hotel in downtown Cancun, MexicoIf you opt to stay in the city, we recommend and actually offer the Krystal Urban Hotel to our patients. It is right across from one of our clinics as well as near the Plaza Las America Mall. The Plaza Las Americas Mall is a great destination for shopping and budget dining. Also, it is within walking distance to and from your hotel. It offers many convenient food and entertainment options that do not require you to travel far. In addition, opting to stay in the city will also give you a chance to experience one of Cancun’s many markets. If you have never been to one before, it will be a great cultural experience. The market is a place where vendors gather to sell their delicious home-cooked foods and hand-made goods.

Whether you want to enjoy the white sandy beaches or experience life in the city, considering the logistics of your location is very important. Your choice of accommodations will determine the time it takes to get to and from your dental appointments and possibly affect the time you have to enjoy your vacation.

Dental in Playa del Carmen

Beach in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is a small beach town near Tulum that sits along the eastern coast of the Yucatan peninsula. Getting there is a 45 minute to 1 hour drive from Cancun’s International Airport. Playa del Carmen is a great location for those who like to relax and enjoy a beach town. Although it is a much more “chill” option than Cancun, it is a little less convenient to get to. You will have to find your own transportation from Cancun’s international airport to Playa del Carmen after your flight lands.

To avoid any delays or confusion, book a shuttle, bus, or private car to Playa Del Carmen to make things much easier once you are on the ground.

Beach in Playa del CarmenDon’t let the trip there stop you because it is well worth it. Playa del Carmen is a small yet vibrant beach town with its own unique flavor. It is part of a stretch of land that runs from Cancun to Tulum known as the Mayan Riveria. It’s sunny, full of cafes, restaurants, and hotels. It is a great place to travel if you want to stay away from the chaos of the busy city. However, since Playa del Carmen is near Cancun, the general cost of living is higher than in other coastal towns. Playa Del Carmen is a very popular tourist destination so it has a wide variety of accommodation options. 

Club Wyndham in Playa del Carmen

Meet our Dentists in Cancun

Dr. Omar, a dentist at SOTA Dental in Cancun, uses a microscope while performing dental on a female patient.Dr. Omar & Dr. Maritza oversee large restoration and aesthetic cases. Dr. Omar is well-known in the area for his high-quality work and for being a master of his craft. He is thorough, meticulous, and very detail-orientated. He even goes to the extent of using a microscope on regular procedures. Normally only endodontists use microscopes, however, Dr. Omar thinks this tool is perfect for even the smallest of cases. Working with Dr. Omar or Dr. Maritza is really convenient because we offer accommodations that are within walking distance of the clinic. Most patients looking for simple dental in Cancun often see Dr. Omar.

Dr. Sforzina & Dr. Ortega are our two primary All-0n-X doctors. Dr. Sforzina specializes in oral surgery and performs the majority of our all-on-x cases in Cancun. Dr. Ortega coordinates and oversees these large cases with the help of David and our team. Our clinic here is the most advanced clinic in all of Cancun with more modern technology than anyone else in Yucatan.

Dr. Sforzina, a dentist at SOTA Dental in Cancun performs dental work on a female patient.
SOTA Dental dentist Dr. Ortega performs dental work on a patient.

Meet our Rapid Care Dentists in Cancun

Dr. Galvez from SOTA Dental Cancun performs a root canal treatment using a microscope.Dr. Galvez is in charge of our rapid care system. If you need an emergency root canal, have a broken tooth, or have a dental injury that requires immediate attention, he will oversee your case. Dr. Galvez is a world-renowned endodontist and is very popular on social media. His work can be seen not only publicly, but also in international dental journals. He is well known for his use of microscopes and often lectures on the topic.

Dr. Miller is an expert in cosmetic dentistry and mainly oversees our veneer cases. He also works specifically on “Hollywood Smiles” at his luxury spa/clinic. Our clinic here is unique because we offer other esthetic and spa-like treatments as well. Dr. Miller’s dental chair literally floats overtop of a huge pool of water with a waterfall! This may seem like it will cost a fortune, however his prices are still the same as all of our other locations. Dr. Miller was a dental technician before becoming a dentist so he often works on the lab details of the case himself.

Dr. Miller walks down the hallway at SOTA Dental Cancun.

Meet our Dentists in Playa del Carmen

Dr. Alejandra, a prosthodontist as SOTA Dental Playa del Carmen, performs dental work on a male patient.Dr. Alejandra is one of the most renowned prosthodontists in Playa del Carmen. She is an experienced specialist in aesthetics and cosmetic dentistry. She does not have an in-house fabrication lab, rather she works with a boutique dental lab based in Cozumel. Her partner lab fabricates dental bridges and the dental prosthetics needed to complete our patient’s All-on-4 treatments. She takes pride in her work, is highly professional, and detail-oriented. She has successfully completed some of our most complicated aesthetic treatments.

Dr. Gruber performs a root canal treatment using a microscope at SOTA Dental Playa del Carmen.Similar to Dr. Galvez in Cancun, Dr. Gruber is our Rapid Care doctor in Playa del Carmen. Dr. Gruber handles root canals and all the other emergency treatments at the Playa del Carmen location. Dr. Gruber is one of the newest additions to our SOTA Dental team and is quietly becoming a leader in the endodontics space. His relaxed vibe and down-to-earth demeanor is perfect for patients nervous about root canal treatments.

The South-of-the-Border Solution

Beach in Playa del Carmen

Traveling can be one of the best and most memorable decisions you have ever made in your life. If your mind is open to new experiences and you prepare a little, you can have an amazing time. This is why opting to get your dental work in Mexico is a great solution to your dental problems.

People are generally friendly, family-oriented, and take great pride in their work in Mexico. Choosing to get dental work done here can give you the same quality of work that you would get with a dentist in your hometown and possibly even better.

We understand that the process of traveling to another country may seem complicated. This is why we take all the necessary steps to make the process simple and hassle-free. We pride ourselves on being able to give our patients the best and highest quality dental care a dental team can offer.

You have the option to enjoy the fast-paced and exciting environment of downtown Cancun, or you can opt to have a relaxing stay at the beach in the hotel zone of Playa del Carmen. Whichever you choose, just know that you will be in good hands with our team.

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