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Eligibility for Permanent Dentures: Are You a Candidate?

In this article we’ll talk about eligibility for Permanent Dentures. With advancements in dental technology, permanent dentures are now a viable option to replace missing teeth conveniently and effectively. But, are you a suitable candidate for this innovative dental solution? Let’s delve into the eligibility criteria for this treatment.

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What are Permanent Dentures?

Permanent dentures, also known as  implant-supported dentures or All on 4 treatment, are a type of prosthetic dental solution that is affixed to dental implants inserted into your jawbone. Unlike traditional removable dentures, they provide a more stable, comfortable, and natural-looking solution for missing teeth.

Who is a Good Candidate for Permanent Dentures?

Primarily, suitable candidates for this treatment are individuals who have missing teeth but still have an adequate amount of healthy jawbone to support the dental implants. It’s also essential to have good oral hygiene and overall health, as the implant placement procedure may not be suitable for patients with certain health conditions or habits like smoking that can affect the success of the procedure.

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Key Factors for Determining Eligibility

  1. Healthy Jawbone: Since the dentures are supported by implants that fuse with your bone, it’s crucial to have a healthy jawbone with sufficient density.
  2. Good Oral Health: Conditions like gum disease and tooth decay can affect the success of the implants. Therefore, before getting this procedure, any existing oral health issues need to be addressed.
  3. Overall Health: Certain systemic health conditions, like diabetes and heart disease, or habits like tobacco use, may impact healing after implant surgery. It’s necessary to discuss your health history with your dental professional.
  4. Commitment to Oral Hygiene: As with natural teeth, it’s important to maintain good oral hygiene to prolong the life of your permanent dentures.

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Consult a Dental Professional

If you’re considering permanent dentures, the most reliable way to determine your eligibility is to consult with a dental professional. They can examine your oral health status and advise you on whether this treatment would be a suitable and beneficial choice for you. Remember, the road to a confident smile starts with informed decisions about your dental health.

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