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“I Can Eat Apples!” – Unassuming Joys After Permanent Dentures

Dr. Bogarin with a permanent denture patient.
Over time, dental problems can rob us of the little pleasures of life. Simple joys, like biting into a juicy apple or laughing out loud without covering our mouths, might seem far-fetched. But with the All on 4 treatment also known as permanent dentures, these dreams can be relieved.

Shedding the Shackles of Traditional Dentures

Traditional dentures, while fixing the aesthetic aspect of tooth loss, often fail to restore these unassuming joys. These traditional dentures limit your food choices, are uncomfortable, and are frequently a source of embarrassment. They are a constant reminder of past dental struggles.

The All on 4 change this tale. As a revolutionary full mouth implant treatment, the permanent dentures not only improves your smile aesthetically but also resurrects the little joys of life.

Before and After permanent dentures patient.

The Simple Joy of Eating Apples with Permanent Dentures

I can eat apples again,” exclaims a satisfied patient with permanent dentures. This phrase, simple as it may be, encapsulates the transformation brought about by the permanent dentures.

Being able to bite into an apple without worrying about dislodging dentures or experiencing pain is no small feat. This freedom to enjoy all types of food is one of the unassuming joys patients experience after All on 4 treatment.

Rediscovering Laughter and Confidence

Another patient shares, “I can finally laugh without covering my mouth.” For many patients, dental woes had stolen their confidence to laugh openly and engage in social situations.

With permanent dentures, also known as the All on 4 treatment; that look, feel, and function like natural teeth, laughter becomes an unreserved expression of joy again.

The Emotional Impact of Permanent Dentures

These seemingly simple accounts speak volumes about the emotional impact of permanent dentures. The fact that patients can focus on the joy of eating an apple or the freedom of laughter, rather than their dental implants, reflects the comfort and normalcy restored by this treatment. For further information about dental solutions and treatments, visit

As a patient manager, there is nothing more rewarding than hearing these stories of regained confidence and normalcy. We at SOTA Dental are proud to be part of these transformative journeys.

Ready to rediscover the unassuming joys in your life? Dive into the world of All on 4 with us.

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